Skin Thickening After Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I had my primary rhinoplasty 3 years ago. Have not been able to accept result. I was initally very happy with my result for 2 months following surgery (until swelling reduced nose too small). I heard scar tissue can thicken the nasal envelope. Is it possible to thicken my nasal skin through a revision rhinoplasty that does not change the structure of my bone and cartilage but rather just to thicken the skin slightly? Then I can have that original swollen result which I so much loved!

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Skin Thickening After Rhinoplasty Surgery

You might want to find a revision rhinoplasty expert who would consider possible placement of something like temporal fascia or Alloderm to help thicken the soft tissue envelope. Both of these are used commonly in rhinoplasty and might be used in this somewhat unusual circumstance.

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Skin Thickness Changes After Rhinoplasty

Thank you for this question. It is, indeed, an uncommon request. It would be very difficult to thicken the skin envelope in a controlled and aesthetically pleasing way. Some doctors will use fillers, fat, or even silicone for small adjustments in contour after rhinoplasty. These treatments, however, may not be permanent, and in the case of silicone, come with some significant risks. Generally speaking, for a nose that has been over-reduced or over-resected, the treatment would be revision rhinoplasty with cartilage grafts to rebuild the underlying structure to a more appropriate or desired size.  A careful conversation with your surgeon and a second opinion with a rhinoplasty expert would be very helpful.

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Wanting Thicker Envelope after Rhinoplasty

  This is certainly an unusual desire, wanting a thicker more swollen look.  I think pictures would be valuable in this case to give a better idea about what procedures would be necessary.  You may need cartilage grafting.  Some plastic surgeons may use fat or filler depending upon your anatomy and your goals.

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