What's wrong? Crown 3 months ago (bottom left molar), Some aches in lower front teeth. Sometimes top teeth, left.Filling redone

Last week, worse pain, burns/throbs in jaw, aches/throbs over top teeth, left side,some days bottom front teeth. New nightguard, adjusted. No pain in A.M, worse after chewing, less between meals. Tooth with new filling or near, very sensitive to cold,since last week. 1 dentist says pain from crown having no occlusion. Biting on that side feels off. Dentist that did the work said bite on filling is fine, adjusted the bite laterally on crown. Yet other dentist said he can pull bite paper through

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Pain and throbbing with crown


Sorry to hear about the pain you are experiencing.  If the bite is ok and there is no sign of infection on the X-ray  it would be best to consult a root canal specialist to see if there is any nerve damage that has not shown up on X-ray yet.  


Dr. Maddahi

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