Upper lip lift stitches?

I got a upper lip lift Friday it is now Wednesday (day 6) and I noticed that the skin around the corners of my nose mostly on the left side isn't connecting completely. I'm freaking out. I hope it does not look indented or some sort. I went in today and told the doctor but he just said not to worry about it and removed my sutures. Should I be worried? Is this normal?

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Liplift scar.....

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You have to understand every time we get a cut deep enough, we will heal by scarring. Scars usually can take 6-12 months to fully mature. Lip lift scars do tend to heal as a fine white line and are not often objectionable in appearance.  It is likely that the best treatment is going to be time. Sometimes a scar revision may improve the scar healing process.

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Lip lift scar

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Thank you for asking about your lip lift scar.

You may have a small area where the edges of the skin are raised from swelling. This should go down. If your surgeon has examined it and reassured you, all should be well.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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