Different recovery/risk profiles for Fraxel Repair, Mixto, and medical grade TCA?

Trying to figure out which is least risky on Fitzpatrick Type III and won't leave me with pink skin for months. I have medium skin with some acne, laxity, wrinkling and pore enlargement. I don't mind having a week or two of downtime. It seems like providers (doctors and estheticians in doctors' offices) all minimize both the downtime and the risk. What procedure is least likely to (a) ruin my face permanently and (b) not leave me explaining why my skin is strawberry colored for three months.

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Cast your net wide for a solution rather than a treatment.

Firstly a face to face consult with realistic expectations and close clinical examination is needed. If you have acne, treatment is medical, and not laser. A general dermatologist can help. If you have wrinkling and pore enlargement, fractional devices can help. This may include Co2, Fractional Picosure Focus, or even microneedling RF with PRP. If you have type 3 skin like myself, I would opt for Pico lasers, or microneedling with PRP using insulated needles like the INFINI RF. 

I would not use Fraxel RePair on type 3 skin for the reasons outlined in the video below. All the best, Dr Davin Lim. Brisbane. Australia. 

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Least risky laser for medium skin tone

It sounds like you have medium skin tone and complexion and are interested in improvement for laxity, acne breakouts, wrinkles and large pores.  At our practice we recommend Sublative Fractional RF treatments once a month for three or four months.  Sublative Fractional is similar to fraxel laser and combines radio frequency to enhance tightness of the skin and the appearance of large pores.  We use Sublative Fractional RF on face, neck, chest, hands, forearms and even knees.The typical patient is a little red and swollen for few days post treatment and goes right back to work, especially with the use of Oxygenetix ( our oxygenated skin care with mineral pigment to camouflage and calm the skin.)  To prep the skin our patients use a 4% hydroquinone or Lytera by Skin Medica.  We recommend Elizabeth Arden Triple Protection Factor Broad Spectrum SPF 50 every day.For lighter skin tones we recommend the CO2RE if the patient has a week or so of downtime with redness and a little bit of swelling for benefits that include dramatic improvement of lines and wrinkles, large pores and uneven pigment.Hope this helps.  Good luck.

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Facial Aging in Darker Skin: Lasers like Fraxel/Clear + Brilliant, RF like VIVA, Peels, Fillers, Skin Care

settings for lasers,
microneedling/PRP, skin care and peels help to make darker skin
smoother. There can be reddening for several weeks, which varies by
patients. If you want to minimize downtime/redness, you can get
gentler treatments over a longer period of time. Please
see an expert. Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
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