Numb Shooting Pain in Thigh and Leg? (photo)

I have a numb feeling in my right leg had full TT MR lipo. Sutures are dissolvable. & incision is under steri strips. I'm 6 days PO and the numbness is always there. But if I move or twist my pelvis a certain way, while trying to change or stand up. I get a shocking shooting pain, from thigh to back of knee. I can't find anything about anyone else having this. I'm having a hard time walking and Its inhibiting my recovery, does anyone know of any similar experience? Or have any suggestions?

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Thigh pain

Injuries to Lateral Femoral cutaneous nerve area not that common but could explain your symptoms.  Discuss these issues with your PS.


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Numb Shooting Pain in Thigh and Leg? (photo)

Due to the low placement of the incision, which is acceptable, a risk for injury to the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve has occurred. Best to have close follow up with your surgeon. 

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