How long does radiofrequency turbinate ablation take to fully heal?

I've had a septoplasty (deviated to the left) and nasal valve (on the right) reconstruction a year ago and the nasal valve still collapses. Today I had an in office procedure to further reduce the turbinates. How long do they have to heal before I can see if my nasal valve collapse has resolved?

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Turbinate Reduction

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Thanks for you question.  In general, it may take 6-8 weeks to realize the full effects of a turbinate reduction as there can be significant swelling that needs to dissipate.  In addition, there can be increased mucous and crust production following a radiofrequency ablation that needs to also resolve before the airway is completely improved.

Having said this, it is also unlikely that a "valve" issue would have any impact from turbinate reduction alone.  Visible nasal sidewall collapse typically involves the external nasal valve, which does not involve the turbinate.  I would recommend close follow up with your surgeon - he/she should be able to address these questions for you better as they will know what procedures have been done and have your nasal exam to reference.

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