Can I use estrogen cream in-between mona lisa touch treatments?

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Estrogen use with MLT

1/2 Gram Estrogen cream at the vaginal opening And vaginally twice a week can sometimes help patients relieve the vaginal symptoms between MonaLisa treatment. These low doses have minimal changes systemically to put at risk of a stroke or blood clot. However, it is still a very controversial subject.

Using estrogen along with FemiLift or MonaLisa

There is no problem with combining estrogen and nonsurgical vaginal laser treatment. In fact, it's frequently done to achieve even better results than can be achieved by either treatment alone. Just make sure you don't load the vagina with estrogen cream or a suppository right before your treatment because it will need to be removed to achieve an adequate laser treatment.

Marco A. Pelosi III, MD
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Estrogen cream

Thank you for your question.

Yes, you certainly can use estrogen creams in between treatments as this can improve your results dramatically. Best of luck.

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Yes you can!

It is perfectly safe to use vaginal or vulvar estrogen cream while getting MLT treatments.  I would not use it for 5 days before a treatment, simply because we do not want any residual cream to interfere with the laser. Using it on the exterior alone can often provide relief to areas not fully treated by the laser.

Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su, MD
Seattle OB/GYN
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Estrogen cream plus MLT?

I routinely allow my patients to use estrogen cream 1-2 times a day on outside skin of vaginal opening, introitus, labia that are treated. This helps to speed up the skin changes. Most do not need this but I am treating 60-70 year old women without a history of vaginal deliveries. The vaginal opening and skin resembles a pencil in diameter. All helps to get this done. There is no appreciable increase in blood estrogen from this local treatment. Vaginal application is rarely needed.

Lawrence Eisenhauer, MD
Encinitas OB/GYN
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Yes, you can use estrogen cream, but you may not need to.

Congratulations on your Laser Vaginal Resurfacing treatments for what seems to be vaginal atrophy. If so, then you may still benefit from finger-tip application of estrogen cream to your labia to alleviate symptoms of dryness in the areas where the laser doesn't treat.

In my practice we use FemiLift as my CO2 laser to treat vaginal dryness from atrophy, but it is also fantastic for vaginal looseness and stress urinary incontinence.

Best of luck,

Oscar A. Aguirre, MD
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Oscar A. Aguirre, MD
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MonaLisa Touch and estrogen cream

You can absolutely use estrogen cream during the course of the MonaLisa Touch treatments. One of the original studies showed biopsy proven histological improvements on the vaginal epithelium before and after two months of starting the MonaLisa Touch treatments. I have my patients who currently use estrogen cream but rather undergo the MonaLisa Touch continue for eight weeks after their first treatment. I have had very good success in patients stating they no longer needed estrogen cream after completing their MonaLisa touch treatment.  

L. Jennifer Murphy, MD
Valparaiso OB/GYN
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MonaLisa Touch

You can use estrogen between MLT treatments.  However, many patient notice a dramatic improvement in atrophy related symptoms 1-2 weeks after the first session and thus should no longer require estrogen.  I counsel my patients to refrain from intercourse or the use of vaginal creams for 48 hours after treatment.  

Patrick Nosti, MD, FACOG, FPMRS
Shawnee Mission Urogynecologist
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