Will these dents and indentations go away? (Photo)

hello I am 4 weeks post op and it seems these indentations are getting worse. Also I have flat areas where it seems fat has died. Will the flat areas fill in?

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Will these dents and indentations go away?

Typically when a BBL is done, fat is transferred to the buttocks into the muscle and the fat above the muscle. We do not inject the fat superficially below the dermis of the skin. The surface irregularities that are apparent in your photos are very superficial. These were likely present before the procedure was done. It has been my experience that any surface irregularities that are present prior to the procedure such as indentations at scars or cellulite can become more pronounced once a large volume of fat is transferred into the buttocks. I am always certain to point these irregularities out to my patients and make sure they understand that they will not be corrected with the fat transfer.

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BBL and irregularities

It is always a good idea to review pre-op photos. Since fat is not usually placed very superficially, it is likely that you had that before surgery. Always best to review with your surgeon.

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Will these dents and indentations go away?

  I have developed some maneuvers that can, in many cases, improve these issues, but it is too early to think about a revision.

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Dents and indentations after BBL

Great question! It's most likely that these dents and indentation were present before the surgery. The fat grafting procedure will not correct these irregularities. I hope this helps.

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