Concerns about vision with Red Light Therapy .

I am doing Red Light Therapy for aging. I wear the goggles but still see the color and brightness and am worried about my eyes, as my mother had age related macular degeneration. I want to continue the treatments , but don't want to risk eyesight. Am I being paranoid? Thanks.

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Yes, you are, light can be seen but LED light protected.

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Absolutely paranoid, light transmission via the tissues on not DIRECTLY into the eye. This applies for most lasers, with the exception of vascular and Q Switch lasers. I always take laser surgery seriously like a loaded gun. One shot and blindness can occur. If Specialist know their IPL- BBL_LED and laser physics, you will be in good hands, so see a specialist. In this setting, all good my friend. Dr Davin Lim. Brisbane Dermatologist, Australia. 

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