Both breasts sit way too low, and one sits visibly lower than the other (Photo)

I had Natrelle 450 implants and a lift done 10 months ago and I hate them. Both breasts sit too low, and one is visibly lower than the other. The lower one is uncomfortable when wearing a bra and any kind of jogging or bouncing causes discomfort when wearing a supportive, tight sports bra. It feels like the muscles will tear and the implant to fall even lower. The doctor is suggesting attaching my skin to the rib cage to help raise that breast up. How should this issue be handled?

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Assymetry and malposition BAM, Lift

Hi dreamer

Sorry you are unhappy.

From what I can tell, you have significant post operative asymmetry of breast size and positioning, as well as implant positioning.

The left breast is larger, the implant is lower, and the nipple is lower.  The right implant appears a bit lower than ideal as well. I preface the above by noting I don't have benefit of exam.

I think that revision surgery will be needed to achieve an ideal outcome, and exactly what needs to be done needs to be discussed in depth to ensure that you achieve your goals, and are happy.

All the best.


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Breast lift revision in Los Angeles

The breast lift may require reinforcement of the IMF and correction of the capsule. It would be wise to evaluate your implant position as well at the same time. 


Dr. Karamanoukian

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