Help. I recently got a chemical peel. My face looks burnt and is very dry (Photo)

I have always gotten chemical peels and they have never left my face looking bird recently I got a chemical peel that was 30% my face looks burnt and is very dry but has not started peeling.

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Face looks burnt

Hello, and thank you for your question. It would be helpful to know what type of peal you received. There are many peels (for example Jessner's, Vitalize, Rejuvanize, etc) where this appearance would be totally normal. I would recommend that you see the practitioner who did this peal as soon as possible, because there is no substitute for an in person evaluation. However, here are some simple steps that you can take to minimize complications and maximize healing regardless of what type of peel you received:

1.  Apply aquaphor or vasaline to your skin (you may need to do this several times a day) to keep the skin from feeling too dry, and cracking. 

2. Wash with a neutral cleanser (I prefer Cetaphil cream cleanser) twice a day to reduce the risk of infection. 

3. Do not apply any active products whatsoever (such as glycolic acids, Retin-A's, etc.) to your skin while you are in the peeling process.

Good luck!

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Help. I recently got a chemical peel. My face looks burnt and is very dry

Hello vmtz,There are many different peels out there that can be used to treat to a superficial, medium, or deep depth.  Depending on what peel was used and how many days out you are, this could look completely normal.  There are usually post operative care instructions that are provided (I know I do for all of my resurfacing patients) that can help with the dry feeling, and help you heal faster.  I'd recommend you contact the person who did your peel to ask about the appropriate post treatment care.  Failure to follow the appropriate post treatment instructions can lead to a higher risk for scarring.  I hope this helps and good luck.  

William Marshall Guy, MD
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