Is this the best result I can expect? Full TT/BA 6m ago after 100lb wt loss. Loose skin/asymmetry (Photo)

Full TT/BA- PS discouraged me from going too large up top as I would have a much smaller waist when he was done & was very excited about my results. As the swelling subsided I became less impressed. I feared from the get go I was not nearly as tight as I could have been- stood in the shower & washed my own hair day 3 post op! Now he says that I should have had a fleur de lise procedure as the excess runs vertically. Excess skin was horizontal prior to surgery-he gave me those contours. Revision???

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Can I get better results

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Hello and thank you for your question.  Your result is not bad and you do not need a fleur-de-lis. You have 2 better options.  One is just more liposuction and the other is more liposuction and converting to a full lower body lift. In my hands that increases your hip to waist ratio. 
Good luck.
Peter Fisher M.D. 

San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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Better is coming

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Be patient.  It's only six months.  You have an enviable result at 6 months and with continued resolution of edema and tissue remodelling you will still see improvement.  Concentrate on exercise and diet as you are probably already doing and you can expect further shrinkage of the tissues.  Fleur de lys is reserved for more horizontal laxity than I can appreciate from your photos. and while I try to dissuade patients from increasing implant size this may help with your concerns for the ratio issue.  Stay with your current surgeon; she or he has done very well for you.

R. Laurence Berkowitz, MD
San Jose Plastic Surgeon
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Is this the best result I can expect? Full TT/BA 6m ago after 100lb wt loss. Loose skin/asymmetry

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Reviewing your series of posted photos I see a vast improvement and very good results. But your satisfaction is paramount vs your realistic expectations. Best to discuss these concepts in person. But I would not recommend the "fluer" operation..

More is not better

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Thank you for your pictures. I think the result is excellent. Do you can always try to improve your results though there's no guarantee that your results will be improved. I would not play with fire. 

Bam tummy tuck post weight loss

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After you lost a hundred pounds I think you have a very good result.Plastic surgery is surgery and results are never perfect.There are almost always small touch ups or revisions that can be tried but they have risks and limitations too.I would hate to see a long vertical, permanent scar on you just for a ?small increment of contour improvement.There is an old expression in surgery:the enemy of good is better.That is if you have a nice result and try and make it perfect sometimes the problems come after the revision

Robert Savage, MD (retired)
Wellesley Plastic Surgeon

I think you look great

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I think you have an excellent result and would be pleased to have you as my patient.  Your degree of excess in the now horizontal direction does not warrant a fleur-de-lise (rarely does in my opinion).  I really think you look great and think further liposuction would just make the laxity worse.  If you did go with some liposuction, I would go very conservative!!

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