My smile is ruining my face. Filler to fix crooked smile? (Photo)

My Face is currently very asymmetrical, made worse by the left side of my face sliding down when smiling - would cheek filler on the left side help this sloping problem? Or maybe Botox on the right side to even things out?

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You need a full assessment but it seems that you have some stronger activity of a muscle called the depressor labii inferiores that pulls the lip down on the right. Small injection on the right side will weaken the muscle and balance it with left side. Some fillers in the chin can also support this. 

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Asymmetric smile

Not sure why your smile is asymmetric, there are several conditions (some you are born with and some that happen later in life) that can cause weakness to the nerve that controls the face muscles. Without a full assessment of the face and movement, it's hard to tell. Regardless of the cause, making the face more symmetric is tricky. Fillers probably won't change much. Botox on the opposite (good side) is an option. Seek a consultation to get a full evaluation. Good luck

Jeffrey Jumaily, MD
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