Is it normal to have one breast larger than the other after a Reduction? Could this be swelling? (photos)

If so, how long until same size? I had a breast reduction surgery about a week ago, and my left breast is larger then the right. Before surgery my left breast was larger than the right. At first I thought it was the bandages holding them differently (one tighter than the other) but I went in to get my dressings off yesterday and seeing them without anything on, the left breast looks a full cup size bigger. I asked my surgeon and he said they removed double the amount from the left side.

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First let me say, you look great.  From these photos, I don't see much difference but photos don't tell the whole story.

It is completely normal to notice differences in the breast size after a reduction.  You said that they removed twice as much from one side.  That means you had two different operations on the same day so that you will see differences in contour, swelling and size.  I would recommend you wait at least 3 months (probably 6 months) before deciding if there is a real difference.  No matter how hard your surgeon tries, no two breasts are ever exactly the same. 

I hope you will be very happy with your results once every thing settles into place.

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Breast asymmetry after breast reduction surgery?

Congratulations on having undergone the breast reduction procedure. Yes, some asymmetry is quite normal, short and long-term, after any type of breast surgery. If the asymmetry is significant and/or increasing, it may be a sign of the complication such as bleeding or a fluid accumulation.  I do not see evidence of either of these on the photographs posted although your plastic surgeon will always be your best resource when it comes to accurate assessment, advice, reassurance and/or meaningful predictions.

 Best wishes for an outcome that you will be very pleased with long-term.

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Breast asymmetry after breast reduction

It is very common to have asymmetric breasts prior to surgery.  As long as the larger breast is not painful and hard in comparison to the smaller side, this is most likely postoperative swelling.  Icing the breasts and giving it some time will  allow the breast to settle and become more similar. The fact that you had breast asymmetry prior to surgery means that most likely you will have some degree of asymmetry afterwards as well. It also sounds like the larger breast needed more surgical reduction and therefore will take longer to catch up in the recovery phase. Hopefully you will not have a full cup difference but give it time with a minimum of 9 to 12 months. Hope this helps!

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