I am curious as to what type of tummy tuck and breast reduction surgery I would need? (Photo)

I would like some advice of the type of tummy tuck surgery i would require?and if i need breast reduction surgery?i am a male 29 years old. I weigh about 195lbs and am 5'11 in height and in good health. I am also from western canada but i am open to travelling to have any operation.done.

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Male abdominoplasty

 Thank you for your question. A consultation with a plastic surgeon is probably the best way to determine what you will need. From the pictures you have submitted you would need gynecomastia correction surgery which may be done through a combination of liposuction with direct excision of the gland. Your abdomen would require an examination to determine what type of abdominoplasty versus my perception can be done. 

Best wishes
Theodore T Nyame M.D. 

Charlotte Physician
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Tummy tuck and lipo

Thank you for your question, its hard to tell if you have loose skin based on the pictures you posted to determined if you are a good candidate for tummy tuck,but i can see you can benefit from liposuction of sides,back,and abdomen. Please consult with a board certified PS. Good luck!

Kenneth Hughes, M.D.
Beverly Hills, CA.

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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