Eyebrows look horrible & lines too close together? (Photos)

I got my eyebrows done on oct 15, 2016 micro bladed or tattooed i guess i should say since she used a mini gun thing. i had such a hard time adjusting to the new look because they always seem so dark :( reason behind getting them done was because i had a scare on my right side of my face and that eyebrow seems to be more drooper then the other. is there anyway i can remove them to go back to my natural look? or even fade the lines to more of a natural look (thinner lines) ?

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I would suggest that you look into getting the lines blended a bit to make them look more natural. When the lines are too "perfect", it can look unnatural. The lines should not all be the same size/thickness. Since it has been almost a year, you are probably due for a touch up. 

Best of luck!

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