How easily can my asymmetrical teeth/jaw be corrected? Is this something an Invisalign alone could have corrected? (photo)

I had braces once before and now I have an Invisalign because I am unhappy with the results of the braces I had before. I went to the orthodontist to get some spacing fixed but, more importantly, to correct the slanting that I have from one side to the other. At my consultation I asked him if the slant could be corrected or if I would need jaw surgery. He said he could fix it with the Invisalign. But it is obviously not corrected and may even be worse than before.

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Correcting a slant(cant)

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Slants(cants) are fairly difficult to correct. Sometimes a less difficult procedure can be done to at least give the illusion of correction. Looking at your smile, the two teeth either side of your two front teeth are two different lengths visually. You might consider having the shorter one lengthened. Your dentist could do what is called a "mock up" first and then snap a smile photo to see if that gives the illusion of correcting the cant.

Portland Dentist

Asymmetry Correction and Invisalign

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Without performing a thorough clinical and radiographic examination it is impossible to address your specific question. The asymmetry can be dental or skeletal (This cannot be answered through one frontal smiling photo). This means the problem may lie within the positions of the jaws or the positions of the teeth. A thorough examination can indicate whether the underlying problem is dental or skeletal. If the problem is dental, Invisalign can absolutely address this problem. If the problem is skeletal then orthognathic surgery is needed to correct the problem. I hope this addresses your concerns.

Daniel Rozen, DMD
Coral Springs Orthodontist

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