Is it possible to partially remove fat from the right malar/buccal fat pad to be transferred to the left atrophic side? (photos)

I have been diagnosed as having mild right condylar hyperplasia by a maxillofacial surgeon. Based on the OMENS classification I suspect it is more likely to be mild hemifacial microsomia, as soft tissue is involved quite a bit. As the depressed areas appear to be the left malar and buccal fat pad, is it possible to partially remove fat from the right fat pads to be transferred to the left atrophic side? Rather than transfer autologous fat that is prone to hypertrophy during weight gain.

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Is it possible to remove buccaL fat from one side to be transferred to the other (atrophic) side? = NO! #buccalfat

Buccal fat removed from one side CANNOT be transferred to another (atrophic) side. The reason: infection.

The removal of buccal fat is considered a contaminated procedure. The reason is that it is performed though the mouth, which is one the dirtiest places in the body ( full of very dangerous bacteria). Therefore, buccal fat removed will be immediately contaminated with bacteria. This contaminated fat, if injected somehwereelse, will cause infection (from cellulitis to abscess or even worst gangrenous necrosis). Therefore, buccal fat should not be transferred elsewhere, but the trash can. 

To correct facial soft tissue asymmetries, traditional fat transfer should be used. The fat harvested usually from the abdomen is "sterile". Therefore, when placed on the face it will not cause infection if proper aseptic techniques during the procedure are followed. 

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