I had the All-on-4 procedure and I chipped my lower front tooth. How is it repaired?

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Chipped tooth

It really depends which material it is made from

If they are acrylic teeth then its an easy repair, the dentist will remove the teeth and have a lab tech repair it in house

If the teeth are made of porcelain/zirconia its become a little trickier. Essentially the prosthesis will need to be removed, temporary teeth placed  and the porcelain fired in an oven.

Repair of All-on-4 depends on material used

Some bridges used for All-on-4 are made of acrylic (a screw retained hybrid denture) and can be repaired with composite tooth colored filling material.  If the bridge was made out of porcelain/zirconium, then it cannot be easily repaired, and is likely needing to be remade entirely.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
Seattle Dentist
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