I was badly burned during laser hair removal. Will the scar be permanent? Will sun exposure make it worse? (photos)

I am vacationing in Puerto Rico for two weeks and i will be exposed to sun will that help the white marks or make them worse?

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Burns and Laser Hair Removal

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Sun will make these spots worse.  Sun protection and time are what will help you.  In some cases topical steroid creams help the white color, but I would give it 6 weeks to see if the pigment starts coming back.  If it gets darker, bleaching creams will be needed.  Best of luck, Dr. Emer.

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Stay out of the sun if possible

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Hi Erika. Sun exposure will definitely make the raw scars worse. If you must be in the sun please apply sunscreen liberally and try to cover your legs. The scars will probably not be permanent but it will take time for them to heal. 

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