Can braces fix asymmetric face? And do I have a choice to choose between traditional and damon braces?if so, which is better?

The case of my teeth is underbite. I dont know if I could trust my dentist. Sure, she is in Dental Association but sometimes she disses me b/c of my face or teeth and sometimes she compares my case to my little sister's. I signed a contract already tho saying that I will have her fix my teeth.

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Damon braces

Dear herself,Thank you for posting your questions on RealSelf.  Damon braces or traditional braces will not change the growth of your face.  Damon braces will decrease the time that you are in treatment, straighten your teeth and create a healthy occlusion in most cases. In order to correct a growth issue, orthographic surgery is normally required depending on the severity.If you are uncomfortable with the treatment your current orthodontist is providing, I recommend seeing another local orthodontist for a second opinion.  You spend a lot of time with your doctor, so you want to make sure that you trust them.I hope that this helps and good luck.Best,Dr. Jenn

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