Asymmetrical breasts post op. Will I need a revision? (Photo)

I received silicone implants, under the muscle 7 mos ago. The left received 325cc while the right got 345cc. I had trouble with the right dropping since it was a larger implant. The right is fuller up top (&rounder) and the left is more teardrop shape making my nipples not match up. They were a little asymmetrical before but didn't seem that noticeable. I was a 32B prior and am now a 32DD Also when I lay down the right one floats up toward my neck making them look weird. Will I need a revision?

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Revision needed?

Your photos are difficult to interpret. Your surgeon is the best person to direct your concerns to.  S/he is familiar with the procedure performed, as well as your preoperative appearance.  Your postoperative appearance is directly related to your preoperative appearance.  Without knowing that, it is difficult to comment on your concerns.  

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