Had a reduction and could PS have taken too much out? (Photo)

Hi, I had a reduction a month ago and prior to surgery I was a 36ddd to 38dd. I am 5ft 150 lbs. Asked ps to make them proportioned to my body.... like a c or d. Since surgery they seem to healing very well. At this point I am concerned with mainly my right breast it seems to be very wrinkly and kind of flat. My left one looks ok, although a little wrinkled too. I discussed with my ps this and he said he thinks it should fill in. If not he says he can do a fat transfer. Will they fill in more?

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Upper Breast Deficiency after Breast Reduction

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It is only a month since your surgery so it is very likely that your breasts will continue to change shape for up to six months or longer. As unusual as it sounds, sometimes women require or desire a small augmentation after a breast REDUCTION. This is because when a breast grows large, it pulls all the tissue downward and sometimes there is little natural tissue left in the upper pole of the breast. When the excess tissue is removed below, it can improve the size and the shape of the lower breast. The skin brassiere is tightened lifting the smaller breast. In some cases, the upper pole still looks a bit flat and the only way to fill the upper pole is with a small breast implant or fat injections with fat harvested from another body site.
This is an option you could explore at 6-12 months postoperatively. 

Breast reduction results - breasts too small

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Be patient, you are in the very early stages of your post operative recovery and it can take up to six months or so before you begin to see the final results of your reduction.  Breast tissue won't fill in your breasts but they will continue to take shape and "settle" over the coming months.  I normally don't suggest revision surgery for at least 12 months (after breast surgery) and if you remain unhappy at this stage you could consider a fat transfer or small implant augmentation.

Breast reduction

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Your breast reduction looks like it is healing well, but you are only about a month out. Give it 4-6 months to settle.

Breast shape after reduction

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You are very early into the healing process and I would wait at least six months before making an evaluation for secondary surgery.  Breast tissue doesn't "fill in" but the shape can settle down.  It also takes some time to psychologically adapt to the change in body image after reduction,  

Wrinkly Breasts After Breast Reduction

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Thank you for your pictures.  It appears that your breasts are a bit asymmetric. In my opinion I would not's perform fat grafting at this point. I would improve the shape of your breast. If you would like more fullness after improvement of your shape you have two options: (1) fat grafting or (2) breast augmentation.

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