Open wound? Should I make an appointment ASAP? (Photo)

I got my BR done one 10/10/16. I was healing well, or so I thought. They reduced my Areola also. As I wa spurting my silagen on I noticed the incision is still wide open!! It's a few cm. I've put neosporin on the areas that were pulling a bit (the t junction and the one going from nipple down to the t). Should I just keep putting neosporin on it? Steri strips? Call? I don't want to bother my surgeon with questions I ask so many as is. I just want to heal properly without a gaping hole lol

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Open wound? Should I make an appointment ASAP?

It is totally appropriate to ask you surgeon about this as they should be involved in your followup care. 

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Open wound after breast reduction?

Congratulations on having undergone the breast reduction procedure; based on your photographs, you are healing nicely and should have a very good outcome. These types of small superficial wounds are not uncommon; they tend to occur at the junction of incision lines and usually heal within one to two weeks.. Sometimes, there is an underlying suture that can be removed to expedite healing.

 Always best to let your plastic surgeon know about questions/concerns; it is not a "bother". Plastic surgeons are used to managing postoperative concerns ( definitely part of the job).

  Best wishes for outcome that you will be very pleased with.

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