Will "drop and fluffing" change my bra size? (Photo)

Hi! I am 5"1 and around 125 pounds. I was a 34b with I got 500cc mentor moderate plus silicone implants. I desired to be a full D. I had a lollipop maxoplexy. I got my sutures out two days ago and was told to start massaging and I was able to wear a regular bra. I wore the compression bra and compression strap for the first two weeks. I am now two weeks post op and I went bra shopping and I am a 34 DDD and my question is as I drop and fluff with the bra size change? Thank you!

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Bra size

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Thanks for your question. I would suggest not spending a lot of money on bras just yet. You still have a long way to go in terms of swelling, implant settling, and recovery. Ask your surgeon when your incisions are healed enough to wear regular bras. I bet you will find that when you go to a reputable bra retail store, you will measure much differently. Best wishes.

Leawood Plastic Surgeon
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Bra size after augmentation

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It usually takes several weeks to months to achieve final bra size. You are very early in the healing and settling process. Also, bra sizes vary a lot depending upon brand, store, etc. I would go by how you look and feel rather than an arbitrary bra size.

Close follow up with your plastic surgeon is recommended.

Breasts at two weeks

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At two weeks post surgery you are likely still swollen. It is too early to go bra shopping. I would wait at least 6-8 weeks minimum and maybe longer.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breast lift with implants: Will dropping and fluffing change my bra size?

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I believe that your breasts and implants just begin to come into your clothes (dropping and fluffing) at about 8 weeks. At that point, you'll have a better idea of your size. Right now at two weeks your breasts are pressed in and high. I advise my patients that 8 weeks is when they could start thinking about doing more major bra and bathing suit shopping. At three months you would be approximately 75 to 80 percent dropped; you'll be close to 100 percent at around 9 to 12 months. Happy shopping. For more information on this and similar topics, I recommend a plastic surgery Q&A book like "The Scoop On Breasts: A Plastic Surgeon Busts the Myths." Good luck to you. 

Ted Eisenberg, DO, FACOS
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon
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