Dermabrasion procedure possibly done improperly, anyway I can protect myself?

I had dermabrasion procedure done on scars, the Doctor told me that he had gone deep enough to flatten the scar I'm fairly certain he did not. The scars after the procedure look exactly the same as they did before but now it's just red. I talked to them about my concern and they try to tell me it's just swelling that's why it looks the same. Im not dumb and I know it's not swelling, I know the procedure was not proper. Now I'm worried they will make me pay to have it fixed. What can I do?

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Thank you for your question. It takes time to heal from dermabrasion so you may be experiencing swelling. When did you have the procedure and how many weeks post op are you as of the date of your post? Swelling and bruising will subside the further you are from the post op date.  Best wishes,

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Melarase creams after dermabrasion

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I would suggest you avoid direct sun for about six weeks, during which time you should be using Melarase creams and a strong UVA/UVB sunblock like Spectrase. Best, Dr. KaramanoukianLos Angeles

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Dermabrasion procedure possibly done improperly, anyway I can protect myself?

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Thanks for your query. That’s a normal process. The dermabraded skin takes time to heal. Dermabrasion generally takes multiple sessions but it depends on your acne scars.I believe you should wait for the results . Hope it Helps.
All The Best

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