How much weight would I have to lose to get my BMI from 35.7 to 33?

Ok Duran advised me today that my BMI is 35.7. She said it needs to be 33 to have my surgery. I asked how much I weight I would have to lose to get it down to 33. No response yet. So can some help me!! So that I can get started

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Weight Loss and BMI

BMI is factored using weight and height. I suggest finding a BMI calculator online for an easy way to calculate what weight you would need to be in order to reach your goal of 33. Best, Dr. Emer

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BMI is based upon height and weight. There are several sites on line that can tell you the difference in weight for your given height.

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I would have to know your current height and weight in order to calculate it out for you. Most surgeons require a BMI maximum of 30 in order to proceed with surgery. You can find BMI calculators on the web using Google. 

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How much weight would I have to lose to get my BMI from 35.7 to 33?

Thank you for your question.  Attached below is a link where you can calculate your BMI using your height and weight. You can adjust the weight to see what you need to get to in order to have a 33 BMI.  Best wishes. 

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