34 yr. old who been told dentures are needed. Very impressed with the hybrid denture, but out of my budget.

I've been told I need dentures. I want something like the hybrid because I am too young to get a traditional denture. I really want an arch so I don't have anything at the root of my mouth. Is there something out there I can afford.

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Snapindentures or ALL ON 4 BY NOBEL BIOCARE

Yes, you can have a strong and affordable solution, with snap indentures, or with the all on4, this will depend a lot on the budget you have, but certainly you will find a great solution with dental tourism clinics, yo can find up to 70% discounts, and also you will have a great solution, within a short period of time.snapindentures are strong and you will have a good solution within just a few days, and with the all on4, will be 1 week, but with both options , shape, size and even color will be done.you will love your smile.

Affordable implant supperted denture

best option for u is dental tourism. u will save almost 70% of your total treatment costing as compare to your home country. now a days dental tourism is very popular for dental implants and cosmetic procedures. as treatments r very expensive in usa. india is good destination for dental tourism. u will get same quality treatment with very affordable rates.

Nirav Patel, MDS, PhD
India Dentist
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Overdenture may be your answer.

Frequently there are alternatives to extracting all of your teeth ans getting dentures.  

You may be able to keep several strong tooth roots and place snaps on them to hold the denture in place.  


Ira Shapira, DDS
Chicago Dentist
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