How much does it take to recover after gynecomastia surgery. I had surgery 25/07 still have that side of breast big. (photos)

I had gynecomastia surgery last month and i still have a part of chest vigger than the other. I see that after surgery it has changet a lot but its still biger and it can be noticed i have a breast bigger. My doctor said that the surgery was good but he doesnt told me to wear compresed clothes. Is it neccessarie? Do i have to do some ki d of excercises to recover faster or i have to wait ,for how long. Here are some photos of my chest today, 17 days after gyno surgery. Please tell me

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I would think that after this length of recovery period, the best thing to do would be to contact your surgeon directly with this question and ensure that all of the incisions have recovered properly and that no corrections are needed. While there may need to be additional recovery instructions needed for you, such as compression garments and such, those instructions will be best received from your plastic surgeon. Best of luck!

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