Alas Appear Thicker After Alar Base Reduction?

It's been 7 months since my alar base reduction surgery. I believe my surgeon performed the sill excision technique on my nostrils to make them narrower. However, it seems that my alas appear thicker than before now that they are not as flared as before. Is it possible that it's because of swelling still even though it's been 7 months? Also, I have pretty thick skin and I'm Asian. Or is it because of the narrowing that makes them look thicker and droopier? I'm very depressed because of this.

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Asian rhinoplasty and alar reduction

Dear Lollilolli,

I do a lot of asian rhinoplasty in my practice so I have a lot of experience in this field. If you would like to send photographs to my email address listed on my website below I would be happy to give you an expert opinion. Without photographs it is hard to make a proper diagnosis. I look forward to hearing from you. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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