Is Alarplasty or Rhinoplasty More Suitable for my Nose (photo)?

I'd like my noseholes to be a bit narrower in size, as it flares out dramatically if you look at the front of my face. The tallness of my nose I don't really mind, but if it's required to heighten to look more natural, then i'm fine with that. All in all, I want it to look smaller and changed, but as natural as possible. Should I undergo rhinoplasty or alarplasty?

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Alarplasty will narrow your nose

Alar base reduction will narrow the base of your nose. It is slightly wide as you have astutely noticed. A typical patient with your nasal shape will request narrowing of the base of the nose, augmentation of the bridge and refinement of the nasal tip. However, this is the typical patient and we all specific goals for Facial Plastic Surgery. If all that concerns you is the width of your nasal base then an alar base reduction will achieve your goals. If you desire other changes to the nose, then the alar base can also be addressed at the time of augmentation rhinoplasty. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Denver Facial Plastic Surgeon
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