Alar Rim Graft, Is it Possible to Have a Revision?

ive just recently had a revision augmentation rhino involving a second sheet of medpor implant and a ear cartildge tip graft and also my doctor tucked the columella in i think to make nasiolable angle better. what im finding is that ever since my alar base reduction two yrs ago which is great from front on i find that from side on the rims dont point paralel like the columella does and it almost ruin the whole look of the nose as it doesnt point out and up. can this be fixed. i only hav rib left

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Alar Rim Graft in Revision Rhinoplasty

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Alar rim grafts are used to lower the nostril rims. If I correctly understand the description of your nose this technique would be beneficial. Because a relatively small piece of cartilage is usually needed it may not be necessary to harvest from your rib. If you submit pictures we can be more confident in our responses to your question. 

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