Alar Reduction & Columellar Strut. Would I Still Have Droop and Flare After Procedure? (photo)

I have very large, flared nostrils (alar). I understand that alar reduction is a challenging procedure. In my case, I obviously require a columellar strut, bulbous tip reduction, in an effort to improve my profile. Given that my alar are so flared, and may not be significantly reduced, would a I still have excessive columellar show, despite a strut to support my droopy tip? My apologies for the poor quality photos. Thank you for viewing & feedback

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Alar Reduction and Columellar Strut

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Without examining you it is difficult to determine if a columellar strut is necessary, but you will need to have the columella elevated and the retracted nostril rims lowered with alar rim grafts. You must find an experienced surgeon to achieve natural results.

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Alar Base Reduction And Columella Elevation

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Based on your description and the photos you have attached, it seems that you could benefit from an alarplasty to lower your nostrils and a columella elevation.

As for your nasal dorsum, it may be necessary to modify it but it is hard to provide details down that line from your photos.

I recommend that you seek consultation with a board certified surgeon of extensive experience who can help you make a well-informed decision.

That being said, please remember that commendable results require an exceptionally skilled surgeon to perform the surgery and settling for anything less than that increases the chances of additional corrective surgeries dramatically.

I hope this helps and please feel free to check the website below.

Thank you for your inquiry.
The best of luck to you.

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