Alar Reduction and Tip Refinement--no Results Visible Postop Day 11? (photo)

Dear Doctors, i had ABR and tip refinement 11 days ago, open approach, had incisions outside and inside also,, i got severe reaction to the tape adhesvise, hence i had to remove the tape on day 6, m not happy with my nostrils and tip, and my family is saying they are not noticing any change in my nose, its like same, its very dissapointing that i paid this much and still dint get the desired results, how long alar base and tip refinmnt surgery takes to see the full final i need revision?

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Visualizing Post Operative Results in Rhinoplasty

One of the major challenges in rhinoplasty is telling the patient that it will take months to a year or greater to see the final results. Of course, you will see swelling of the nose and tip for several months and that is entirely normal. The key is to ask patients not to reflect on the nose and dorsum, especially the tip, for at least a year. The important thing is how the patient’s nose looks intraoperatively and I reassure them along the pathway that it takes up to 12-18 months post operatively to see the true final result.

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Alar Reduction and Tip Refinement--no Results Visible Postop Day 11?

I hope more healing time, like 3 months, will allow you to see improvement. But I too fear your result will be less than . And thus you will need revision at 6 months post op. Sorry but let's wait and see. 

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Alar Reduction and Tip Refinement

With it only being eleven days post op and having a reaction to the tape that was applied, there is going to be significant swelling, irritation and inflammation. It is best to go on with normal routine for a while and not think about the way it looks for now. You need to give the procedure time to heal; everyone’s healing time is different. Do not rely on other people’s experiences you see; you are not them. 

Give yourself a good year to be able to see complete results before considering revision. You do not want to overdo your results and end up with something totally different from what your initial expectations were. If it is of significant concern to you then I recommend going in to see the physician who performed the procedure. Always make sure you ask plenty of questions until you are satisfied with the outcome, because no question should be left unsaid. “Dr. D”

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