Alar - Nosewings: Furrow/curve/line Reshaping or Correction?

White 'normal' bit too projected nose. Get a open tip/septum/hump corr. Also lateral view looks like alar furrow line is to diagonal(up) so a bit out proportion. 1 Would a open surgery be enough, no xtra cheek/nose insicion necessary? 2 What = the alar furrow/skinline made of? 3 What has to be done for reshaping the alar furrow? Generally speaking reshaping of Greater Alar C. is enough already? Dont prefer alar fatty/soft tissue surgery. All info about alar furrow/line corr would be welcome.

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Non-Surgical and Surgical Options to Correct Nasal Furrow or "Nose Wings"

There are a number of options to correct an unattractive furrow in the groove beside the nasal alar (lower area of the side of the nose).


Non-Surgical and Shorter Lasting Solution:

The simplest solution is to use a tissue filler, such as: Restylane®, Juvederm® or Radiesse® to fill in any depression or furrow in this area. Unfortunately, these tissue fillers are not long-lasting; however, perhaps you may want to try this first to see what kind of correction you like, before going on to a more permanent solution.


Surgical and More Permanent Solutions:

  1. Placing Gortex® or silicone implants in this region on both side of the nose
  2. Excise or cut out a deep furrow in this area.


The risk with this last option is scarring but, if the furrow is deep enough, this may be the best solution, particularly when the scar is well placed for maximum camouflage.

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Rhinoplasty with possible alar reduction

A good open rhinoplasty with possible alar reduction should take care of your complaints. A few photographs would be helpful to further understand your dislikes and get a better idea of your anatomical needs. If you would like to post those to my email or website inquiry I would be happy to provide further expert opinion. When I do rhinoplasty consultations I use a digital imaging computer this is very helpful as I can show the proposed surgical results and discuss the procedures needed to obtain this result. This may be helpful in your consulting phase. Best regards!

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