Are Alar Batten Grafts Uncomfortable?

How invasive is the surgery for these grafts? What is the recovery time? How noticeable are they? Would I be aware of their presence? My plastic surgeon is reluctant to put them in even though the valve on my left nostril totally seals off when I inhale deeply or lie down, because he says a number of his patients have asked for them to be removed because they find them so uncomfortable. Could this be from the way he does them, or is it usual?

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Alar batten grafts

That certainly is the reason to use them is if you are having breathing issues or have a pinched nasal deformity.

I have not found patients to have issue after such surgery or for them to complain of them being uncomfortable. It is just like any thing else that is done in surgery, at first it may be noticeable to you, and it should be as you are looking to change something but discomfort should not be much of an issue.

Good luck.

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