Alar Base Reduction Costs? (photo)

I need to know exactly what I may have to spend for my nose augmentation. I want to expedite trying to fix my nose I want very very very subtle changes and I feel like I've researched and researched what kind of surgery I will need and I figured the alar based reduction would be perfect. Below there are pics of me and at the very bottom is a pic of a young lady I borrowed from YouTube that has had the alar based reduction and this is what I want done to my nose. And how much would it cost ?

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First of all, your pictures are too up-close to be able to tell if you need an alar base reduction or something else.  You should do lots of research but ultimately you need the guidance and expertise of a skilled Rhinoplasty Specialist to help determine what is best for your nose.  

For starters, the lady's photo you have chosen is not just an alar base reduction.  She has had tip rhinoplasty as well and reduction of the nostril width without reduction of the tip width can throw off the balance and make your tip look wider.  You need a thorough consultation and then if at the end, you and your surgeon decide that all you need is an alar base reduction then that will be the plan for you.  Cost will vary anywhere from $3K to $15K depending on the area and the surgeon.  

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