How Much Swelling Should be Expected After an Alar Base Reduction?

I recently had an alar base reduction done. My nose looks a bit better but my main concern is that the alar subcutaneous fat on both sides are larger than before (which is the opposite of what I was looking for... i wanted to have less meaty alae). I was wondering if this is because of the lidocaine+epinephrine solution that was injected in that area that is making the alae more "meaty"? My nose overall looks extra puffy on the sides. I still have to get my stitches removed (in 5 more days).

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How Much Swelling Should be Expected After an Alar Base Reduction?

You may require additional surgical maneuver specifically designed for "fatty nostrils". This success of this procedure depends on the skin type and nostril configuration.

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Meaty alar after alar base reduction

This soon after alar base reduction I would expect you to still have quite a bit of swelling of your ala which would cause them to look thicker than before surgery. I'll take time for this to resolve so patience is key.

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
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