Expectations For Alar Base Reduction Scarring Vs Rhinoplasty Alone? (photo)

Am considering alar base reduction in addition to rhinoplastery. Is the risk of scarring worth it? Could bridge and tip reduction alone provide desirable effects?

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Rhinoplasty and Alar Base Reduction

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I feel that an alar base reduction will significantly improve your rhinoplasty results. It is extremely unlikely that you will have a problem with a scar because you need to reduce the width of the nasal base not the flare of the nostrils which enables the surgeon to place the incision in the nasal sill where it is less apparent.

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Alar base reduction

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Alar base reduction scars usually heal very well. Specifically for you, it is better to be evaluated in person to determine if you even need it. 

Alar base reduction scar vs rhinoplasty alone

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Alar base reductions are an excellent way to reduce the alar base and nostril width.  These incisions are placed only at the bottom of the nasal sill and are nearly imperceptible and usually heal quite nicely.  This can be done at the time of the rhinoplasty or as a separate procedure under local anesthesia.


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Your concerns are valid but bridge and tip work without an alar base reduction will not giving you any result that is close to an alar base reduction. To alleviate your concerns have your prospective surgeon draw with a fine marker where the alar base reduction incision will be. Look at that in the mirror and if you cannot live with that incision/scar do not have that part of the procedure and learn to live with/accept the wide alar base.

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Alar base reduction and scarring.

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Alar base reduction should cause a scar that should be very minor and not noticeable. In 35 years of rhinoplasty I have never had to revise an alar incision.

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Rhinopalsty and Alar Base

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Hi, You would definately benfit form a dorsal reduction and tip reconstruction rhinoplasty. I would also say that you would benefit from an intra nasal sill horizontal alar base reduction which would limit your scarring potential. Best, Dr.S.

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