Do I need to replace my original implant if I'm having a caspuslorrhaphy?

I know I have some type of combination of bottoming out and double bubble on my right breast. My doctor has told me to wait till I'm 6 months PO. I think the revision is going to be a caspuslorrhaphy. And I was wondering if they have to replace the original implant just to correct the pocket from the bottom. I read that all that has to be done to to hold the implant up while correcting the bottom.

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You do not need a new implant unless there is a problem with your current implant

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If you have experienced bottoming out of your implant then your surgeon may elect to perform a capsulorrhaphy in order to improve the contour.  This is my preferred treatment for this condition. Other doctors may also discuss using a sheet of artificial tissue (ADM - acellular dermal matrix) to help hold the implant in place, but this adds significantly to the cost.  I reserve using an ADM only for those cases where a capsulorrhaphy has not been successful (less than 5% of the time in my practice)

Please remember that just because an implant has bottomed out does not mean that your surgeon or you have done anything wrong. Your surgeon's ability to control the healing process ends when you leave the operating room. The healing process can create some subtle differences from one side to the other.

The implant will have to be removed in order to perform the repositioning but can be rinsed and kept in a sterile environment and replaced at the end of the procedure without using a new implant.

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Do you need to replace implants during a capsulorrhaphy

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If your breast implants are fairly new and in good condition they can be replaced after soaking in triple antibiotic solution after the capsulorrhaphy is finished.  Ask your plastic surgeon if you need acellular dermis or other sling to help support your implant to prevent bottoming out again.

Exchange implant with capsule repair

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It is not required to replace the implant when performing a capsulorrhaphy. The decision needs to be made when the capsulorrhaphy is performed if the implant in this new position will be symmetric with the opposite breast. If it is not going to be symmetric been a change in implant size needs to occur.

Reusing the same implant following capsule repair

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If you are having bottoming out of your breast implant this is due to a stretch deformity.  There are many causes of stretch deformities.  This can be related to poor soft tissue support, the shape of your chest wall, an implant too large for your soft tissue to support or pre-existing breast sagging that was not corrected by expanding your breast volume.  A capsulorraphy or capsulopexy is the procedure of choice in most cases of implant malpostion.  Your surgeon may also choose to use a biologic material to support the implant such as Strattice.  There is no need to change the implant unless the size if the implant is determined to be the etiology of the problem.  

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Replace Original Implant

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Thank you for your inquiry on breast augmentation.
  • You should plan on having a new implant. 
  • It may not be necessary but depending on what needs to be done, the implant may be damaged or be extensively manipulated and require replacement. 
I hope this helps.

Best Wishes.

Revision and Replacement

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If you are happy with the size of your implants then you do not need to replace the implants at the time of your revisional surgery.  Good luck!

Do I need to replace my original implant if I'm having a caspuslorrhaphy?

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I am sorry to hear about the complication you have experienced. Assuming your current breast implant is in good condition and "does the job” when it comes to achieving the final outcome you are looking for, it does not have to be replaced during your revisionary breast surgery. If, on the other hand, a different size/profile breast implant will better achieve your goals (best assessed  after the capsulorraphy portion of the procedure is completed), then it will be in your best interests to have the breast implants removed/replaced. You may find the attached link helpful to you as you learn more about revisionary breast surgery. Best wishes.

Implant change and bottom out

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As others have noted below, large smooth implants will put you at risk for this happening all over again.
I would suggest a biocell surfaced implant which will stick to your tissues and reduce your risk for future recurrence. There are other options aswell.
Good luck

Richard Sadove, MD
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Do I need to replace my original implant if I'm having a caspuslorrhaphy

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It depends!!! By "exact" implant labeling the implants are ONE use ONLY! But there is the additional costs of a new implant. The majority of boarded PSs re use existing implant in same patient during capsule surgery. 

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