Follow-Up Question: What's wrong with my upper tummy? (photos)

I've already asked this question but failed to mention I had a belt lipectomy with muscle repair July 13, 2015. It has been over a year. In Feb. Of 2016 I had a breast reduction and lip in my waist area. My upper tummy has been like this for over a year. My PS checked it and said it wasn't fluid. I still have a spare tire when I sit down. What can improve this. It looks bad. Everyone asks me what's wrong with my upper tummy. It feels like it will burst sometimes.

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Follow-Up Question: What's wrong with my upper tummy

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What you have is visceral fat protruding from inside the abdomen outward in an area where tightening the muscles is difficult to do. The only thing that will make it better is significant weight loss and at that point you might need the muscles re-tightened in the upper abdomen

Upper abdominal bulge

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There are probably a couple of reasons for the bulge. First is that the lower abdomen has been tightened, and it is possible that some of the sutures placed in the upper abdomen loosened. However, the bigger problem is that you probably have too much intra-abdominal fat---fat that is inside around your internal organs. This unfortunately cannot be removed surgically and can only be decreased by diet and exercise. 

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