When will I heal? (Photo)

brachioplasty. 3 weeks out and my arm just keeps opening. I've been to a wound care center they are treating me with silva packing my wounds with it. I finished my antibiotics see PS in 3 days. I forgot to say that I have crohn's and I had been on humira and mtx until one week before surgery. I haven't started the injections yet in fear of more healing delay. But praying that I don't have a flare up. The wound just will not stop getting bigger. WHEN WILL IT STOP GROWING AND START HEALING?

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Open wound after brachioplasty

I am so sorry you are having to go through this. I strongly recommend seeing your PS frequently and continuing with debridments as they become necessary. Unfortunately your auto-immune disease and the required medications you have to take do affect your risk of post-operative wound problems. The good news is this will heal. It will take time though. Things that you can do to help include keeping the wound clean and changing the dressings as recommended. Also important to eat healthy high protein diet and take multivitamins. It is not uncommon for a wound like this to look a little worse and appear to get larger before it gets better. Best of luck. Hang in there. 

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Healing After Cosmetic Surgery in Melbourne, Florida

This is a situation where you will want to be seen by your board-certified plastic surgeon frequently and get your questions thoroughly answered. Generally speaking, wounds like the one in the photo take months to heal and unfortunately, with your concurrent medical issues, your healing is not optimal. Definitely follow closely with your surgeon. Hopefully this information is helpful to you. Best of luck!

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Wound healing

You have a really difficult problem.  With your Crohn's, Humira use, arm shape and apparent tension on the closure, you are a set up for a poor outcome.  Even with the best of care you will likely take months to heal that wound.

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