Will crown lengthening (removing/shaving down bone) weaken endodontically treated natural teeth? (Photo)

I recently had emax dental crowns placed in front. They look terrible. They're bulky and the left central tooth - right in FRONT shows black around gum line. My dentist said the dark line was from the endodontically treated tooth. Stating he was unable to place the thick emax further under gum and now suggests I see a periodontist for crown lengthening. I am afraid of losing bone should I ever need an implant.

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Black Lines Around Crowns

There seem to be two issues to address:1) Unhappy with your veneers because they are bulky2) Unhappy with dark line on the endodontically treated tooth
Regarding your feelings about your overall veneers being thick, have you spoken to your dentist about this? Sometimes they can be contoured other times, it might be necessary to redo them and design the new ones thinner.
Regarding the dark tooth, this is sometimes a tough one.  There are ways to mask the dark tooth.  A trough can be place in the root and opaque white resin placed in the trough and the veneer bonded over this.  Sometimes the dark tooth body also needs to be blocked out in a similar manner.  
It is hard to give more answers with the photos especially regarding grafting or crown lengthening.

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