Cheek implants inside mouth. Does the incision affect lip shape? (Photo)

5 weeks ago, i got cheek implants.. and this incision inside my mouth somehow i guess pulled the skin... my lips used to close in straight line.. now when i close when mouth.. u can see that they dont close and it curve up.. my lips was thin and now they are even thinner.. its even crooked because one side is pulled up more than the other side.. is it really permanent? I asked my doctor 2 weeks ago, and he said it will be fine.. but i dont see improvements at all since first day of surgery.. please help

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Cheek implants inside mouth. Does the incision affect lip shape? (Photo)

Cheek implants are typically placed through the mouth. As a result, an incision needs to be placed (typically 1.5 cm above the canine on either side. The incision is often pretty small and therefore should not impact the shape of the lip. More often, because the soft tissues above the cheekbone are elevated, the midfacial muscles can become affected, typically being weaker for the first few weeks following surgery. This is often known as a Mona Lisa smile, wherein a person's smile isn't as broad and high as it used to be. Combine that with the swelling of the entire midface, and it's easy to see how the shape of your lips can be affected in the early phase of healing. The good news is that such distortions are usually short lived and correct completely. Despite that, it's important to know that the size and shape of the implant can play a role in any possible tethering of the lip elevators. Your surgeon would be best positioned to explain to you why your lips look the way they do currently while comparing your before and after photos for a more objective assessment. Best of luck!

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Swelling Cessation with Radiofrequency

You still have some swelling which can impinge on your lips. I recommend following up with your Dr. about after care. Radiofrequency treatments may help reduce some of the swelling. See an expert. Best, Dr. Emer

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