A very sharp painful sensation from my left arm pit to my nipple area?

I am 11 years post bilateral breast augmentation with Mentor Smooth saline moderate profile above muscle. For the past year I have experienced a very sharp painful sensation from my left arm pit to my nipple area. Usually when there is not enough support and I run or bounce. I also notice it when I wrap a towel around myself. Any ideas of what may be going on?

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New pain 11 years out...

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I don't think this is due to your implant surgery when its 10 to 11 years from the surgery. Breasts can be painful all on their own. You could also be having a breast implant related issue with the capsule or the breast implant shell integrity. I suggest you have a breast examination by your plastic surgeon. If your breast implants are silicone, you may need an MRI. 

Pain left breast

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It sounds like a nerve impingement situation. The nerve to your central breast area comes out of the side of your chest and travels toward your nipple. The tissue containing the nerve can be squeezed between the hard surfaces of the bra on the outside and the implant underneath. That is why you feel it more with activity. We usually recommend changing to a supportive sports bra with no wire and taking motrin 400,g three times a day for a week. If it persists you may need to go to a smaller , lighter implant which does cause pressure on the breast tissue as much as this one. Options would be a textured anatomic implant in front of the muscle which stays in place on its own or perhaps a lighter smooth gel and possibly with a lift depending on the skin situtation.  

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