Why is it that the same size breast implant can look so different on someone who's even a similar size?

Hi , I was wondering why it is that the same size implant can look bigger on one person and smaller on another who both are similar in size ? Can one possible cause be that of the smaller looking breast due to the surgeon making the pocket too deep in the chest ? Is it possible ? What other possible causes ? Thank you

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Choosing the Correct Implant

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Thank you for your question about breast augmentation.
Choosing the right implant is your second most important decision .After choosing the right surgeon!
Implant choices are scary because they can be complicated.
  • Size depends on your height, weight, chest circumference, chest measurements, skin looseness, goals and much more.You really need your plastic surgeon to work with you to help you find the right one. The answers aren't found on-line.
  • Bra sizes are misleading - the same woman can wear a B, C or D cup, depending on bra style and manufacturer.
  • Photos are misleading too - implants look different in different people and an implant can look much larger or smaller in a photo than it will look on you.
  • As a general rule - but it may not apply to you - an implant of 300 or below adds a cup size or less, 350 - 450 adds two cup sizes.
  • Larger implants are fashionable but harder to live with long-term.
When in doubt, return to your plastic surgeon for a second measurement or fitting .Or get a second opinion from a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon before your surgery.Don't panic - implant size differences can be subtle.Chances are you will be very pleased with your choice!Hope this helps.
Best wishes.

Comparing similar implants in different patients

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There are so many variables when it comes to judging or comparing similar size implants in different patients. Some of those variables would be the pocket creation by the surgeon, the tissue's response and draping of the implant between patients as well as the thickness of the skin and tissue between patients.

Breast implant size selection

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No, the implant size is not changed by putting the implant "too deep" they all go behind the breast gland and in front of the ribs.  Whether or not it is under the muscle does not change the "depth". An augmentation is adding to what a person already has.  Your breast gland amount, the breast skin amount, the shape of your chest wall and the size of your chest wall all affect how your breast appears.  When you add volume to the breast it sometimes accentuates small asymmetries that were there before.  Spend some time choosing your implant and I recommend you try on sizers to see what each size looks like on you.  Best of luck!

Melinda Haws, MD
Nashville Plastic Surgeon
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Size of breast implant

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The final appearance after breast implant surgery depends on a number of factors - size of the implant is only one of them. The shape of the implant, how much breast tissue the person has, whether the implant is put under the breast tissue or under the muscle etc. The appearance also depends a lot on the size of the pocket created for the implant - the breast will look flatter if the pocket is too big for the implant and perter if the pocket is smaller.

Anindya Lahiri, FRCS (Plast)
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

Why do same size breast implants look different on different patients

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Thank you for your question.  First, the placement of the implant under or over the muscle should not impact size of the breast significantly.

Most likely the difference that you see with the same size breast implant and different patients has to do with not only the size but the shape and position of the breast before surgery  of the individual patient.

Breast shape different from person to person

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This is a good question.  There are many factors that effect the shape of the breasts after a breast augmentation.  The implant will only give you a bigger version of yourself.  Everyone has a different starting point when it comes to anatomical variation.  It is these variations that make the operation more difficult and sometimes not as predictable.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Why is it that the same size breast implant can look so different on someone who's even a similar size?

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Implants can vary from patient to patient depending on body size, and the amount of breast tissue you have.  Discuss your options with your Plastic Surgeon for your best result.  Best wishes!

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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