What surgical options are available to correct breasts from being too close?

Hi , if I don't have symmastia but it bothers me that my breast are too close together, what procedures are available to fix them ? Does the whole pocket have to be re-done or can just the middle section be fixed with a good result ? if the pocket is made smaller will the implants give more projection ?

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Breast Implants Too Close Together

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Thank you for your question.

Release of the breast implant pocket laterally and tightening of the breast implant pocket medially should correct this problem.  Unfortunately, surgery is about the only way to fix it.

To be sure, see two or more experienced, board-certified Plastic Surgeons for a complete evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate and that it is safe for you to have surgery.

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Surgical options for close breasts.

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Without a photo or in person evaluation it is difficult to provide an accurate answer. The closeness of your implants may be due to the size of the implant or how close your breasts were prior to surgery. Speak with your surgeon regarding options for treatment.


Moving implants away from center

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You possibly could have the implants moved away from the center of your chest by adjusting the pocket. I would not recommend that especially if your breast or naturally close together. Changing the pocket in this manner may displace the implants towards your armpit for an unnatural look.

What surgical options are available to correct breasts from being too close?

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  • If your pockets are tight laterally, This can push the implants inward and make your cleavage more pronounced. the pockets can be released laterally.
  • If you have high profile implants, you can switch to a lower profile which will make your cleavage less noticeable. Decreasing the volume might also be an option
  • If the pockets are made too close together, the pockets can be sutured medially and reinforced with mesh. The lateral pocket may also need to be enlarged at the same time.
  • I hope this helps.

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