Does radix reduction give good results?

I have a greek/roman nose with high radix and I'm intrested in a radix reduction. Some doctors say it's an easy procedure when the surgeon is experienced while others say it's demanding and it doesn't give good result as the radix fills up with scar tissue afterwards. What's the truth? I thought it could be performed with the right tools in experienced hands but even in that case, does scar tissue appear and reverse the results afterwards?

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Does radix reduction give good results?

  Without a full set of pictures, is impossible to tell if you are a candidate for a radix reduction.  A high radix is simply dorsal hump that is located higher along the bridge line which is shaved down  with an osteotome.  Radix reduction also requires osteotomies placed in the nasal bones to close the open roof from the hump and radix removal.  For more information and many examples, please see the link and the video below

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Good Results with Nasal Radix Reduction

In experienced hands the radix of the nose can be successfully reduced without excess scar formation compromising the result. Consult with a rhinoplasty expert and ask to see examples of other patients who had a similar problem.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Radix reduction

If you see a board certified plastic surgeon with a lot of rhinoplasty experience then no, you should not have an issue with scar tissue ruining the results of your radix reduction. Hope this helps.


Kouros Azar

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Radix Reduction

Significant radix reduction is done by an osteotome or burr for which scar tissue does not usually efface the reduction achieved in my experience. The real key to it, as you have mentioned, is the right tool and experience for the amount of radix reduction desired.

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Radix reduction

Lowering of the radix is a commonly done technique in those who have that shape of nose.  I have never heard of the area of bone being removed "filling in with scar".  Ask your surgeon about their experience and pick one with ample knowledge of the procedure.

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