How long on average should I expect periareolar scars to blend?

I had breast augmentation and a crescent lift 8 weeks ago with 397cc silicone gel implants. When I wear thin tops, I've noticed that you can see the entire areola because it's still a bit puffy and the scars are pronounced. Is this normal? My surgery went well and I haven't had any issues, so I'm hoping this won't be permanent. I've been using bio oil and Mederma 2x a day since the scabs were gone, approx 2weeks post op. Photo uploads are disabled so unfortunately I'm unable to provide those.

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Post-Op Healing

Healing will go on for 2-3 months for the early period.  There may be some swelling, bruising, malposition, color differences. Sensation will be abnormal. Scars will be changing. 

If my patients have concerns that something is unusual about their healing process, it is important for them to call the office and discuss these concerns or come in to be examined. There is a chance you will have some more time throughout the healing process for your scars to settle, but if you are concerned it would be best to visit your surgeon to have the area examined to make sure healing is progressing well. Good luck.

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