I just had coolsculpting done last Wednesday. I can't stop itching.When will the pain stop?

I just had cool sculpting done last Wednesday. My tummy is extremely swollen, I can't stop itching. I haven't slept in 2 days because of the itching. When will the pain stop?

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CoolSculpting Recovery

After CoolSculpting treatment, patients can experience sensations, such as itching, tingling, numbness, tenderness to touch, and pain. These sensations are related to the nerves covering from the procedure, and they are more often felt in patients who have had CoolSculpting treatment of their abdominal area. While these side-effects should subside within a couple weeks after the procedure, your board-certified plastic surgeon can prescribe a medication, such as gabapentin, to help with your symptoms. Good luck and congratulations on your recent procedure!

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CoolSculpting side effects

What you are describing are the normal potential CoolSculpting side effects. Please contact your treatment provider for any specific questions that you may have. Best of luck!

Christine Sullivan, MD
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Side Effects from CoolSculpting

These are all common side effects of the CS procedure, more so, in the abdomen area. The swelling and late onset pain tends to dissipate within 2-3 weeks of the initial treatment, but this can vary from patient to patient. Typically compression garments tend to help calm the side effects. For the itching, usually a Benadryl before bed tends to help keep the itching at bay allowing you to sleep. If these tend to worsen as time goes by I would consult your physician on what the best recommendation would be. 

Randolph Capone, MD, FACS
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Itching after Cool Sculpting

The pain rarely lasts longer than 3-4 weeks. Try compression, icing, tylenol or motrin. If you are still not sleeping you can check with your physician's office to see if they do anything further. In rare cases with use Lidocaine patches and neurotin but that is more for nerve pain. Best of Luck. 

Robert Heck, MD, FACS
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I just had coolsculpting done last Wednesday. I can't stop itching.When will the pain stop?

Thank you for your question. Itching, although highly irritable, is a very normal response post Coolsculpting. Try wearing compression garments along with an oral antihistamine. Best wishes. 

Brian C. Reuben, MD
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Coolsculpting side effects

Itching and swelling are common side effects stemming from CoolSculpting. I would give it another week and things should subside. If you are still having issues or you are concerned with how you are healing, I would recommend contacting your physician directly.

Jeffrey Rockmore, MD
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CoolSculpting and Itching

Itching is a very common side effect of CoolSculpting.  This usually lasts a few days, but can last for a couple of weeks in more rare cases.  Check with your provider to see if they give anything to help with the itching and swelling.  Some things you can use to help the side effects are wearing compression garments, icing the area, and Benadryl at night.

Jeffrey Hartog, MD
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Itching after CoolSculpting

Itching after CoolSculpting is common. This is due to post procedure inflammation. Over the counter anti-inflammatories could help alleviate the discomfort. The itching can last 2-3 days and in some extreme cases up to 1 week. If the condition worsens or persist beyond 1 week discuss with your physician.

Cynthia L. Mizgala, MD
Metairie Plastic Surgeon
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I just had coolsculpting done last Wednesday. I can't stop itching.When will the pain stop?

Thank you for your question. These side effects can last up to 2-3 weeks. If you are concerned, I would recommend speaking to your chosen provider. Regards, 

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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Itching after CoolSculpting

Itching is a relatively common sensation after CoolSculpting.  It is a sign of the inflammation produced by the procedure and as a result, usually responds well to anti-inflammatory therapies.  Even without therapy this usually resolves within the first several days.  I have found that my patients who experience beyond normal pain or itch, are often rewarded with better than expected results when it's all over.  Hope that's the case for you too!  Your local CoolSculpting doctor can help you through the first difficult days.  Good luck! Best, Dr. Shafran

Kerry M. Shafran, MD
Charlotte Dermatologist
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